• Sacred Smudge Spray

    Sacred Smudge Spray

    Welcome the power of plants to help you cleanse, purify, and protect the physical and spiritual bodies. The art of smudging has been used since ancient days in various cultures. To smudge is to burn bundles of sacred herbs during prayer, healing, ritual, and ceremonial work, allowing the smoke to clear or carry away unwanted energies. Smoke is not always appropriate in public places or situations when infants, pregnant, asthmatic  or allergy prone individuals are present. For this, we have created the same lovely action in the form of a spray. It may be used on ones self or one’s clients to dispel negative thoughts, spirits, or emotions. Enter the sacred realm with a pure heart and positive intention. This spray also invokes protection making it perfect for house blessings. Bring about domestic harmony by cleansing the energy of your home or work-space. Invite healing energy in with lavender, release the presence of negativity with sage, and purify with cedar in this magical blend.

    Bottle Info:Use in prayer, healing, meditation, and ceremonial work. Replace negative energy with loving and healing vibrations.

     Spray around yourself and other participating individuals. Use around your home, work-space, car, alter, or any desired environment. This product may also be used on tools and sacred objects. May your heart be your guide. Enjoy!

    Ingredients: Pure essential oils of Sage, Cedarwood, Lavender, Distilled water and an all natural coconut based emulsifier.
    Made with care, blessed with love!

    If you have a question about this product please feel free to ask