• Root Chakra Mist

    Root Chakra

    Dig deep, search within, and get rooted. Activate your Base Chakra with this harmonious blend of spiritually grounding oils. Quiet the mind, deepen your breath, and center yourself with the Root Chakra Spray. This blend fully relaxes the mind, allowing you to feel your connection to mother earth. It is essential to release blockages in this chakra so that healing and strengthening may take place in all other energy centers. The Root Chakra is the foundation of our spiritual body, and it is from here that we draw the Earth’s energy upward and inward, supplying our bodies with life energy or Kundalini. Let this spray expand your love for life, in all you do and in all that surrounds you. Feel content and strengthened as these root chakra oils work to align your body with the Earth’s body. Allow this blend to peacefully ground you with deep, tranquil resonance.

     Theme: This Chakra is governed by Survival, Preservation of The Self, Grounding, Stability, Trust, and Support.

    Healing Crystals for the Root Chakra: Garnet, Red Jasper, Fire Opal, Hematite


    Spray on appropriate chakra and around the body or chosen space. May be used during yoga, mediation, spiritual practice, and energy work. Perfect for healing, tuning, and balancing the chakras. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Not intended for use on animals.

    Ingredients: Pure essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Vetiver, Texas Cedarwood,Crystal infused distilled water, an all natural coconut emulsifier, and a Garnet gemstone.

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