• Crown Chakra Mist

    Crown Chakra Mist

    This sacred blend assists in the exploration of thy Self. The Crown Chakra is the home of our spirituality, enlightenment, and cosmic consciousness. It is through this chakra that we are able to connect with our spiritual self and recognize our highest potential. It is the door through which universal knowledge and truth may be accessed. When in balance, we are able to see the truth of our perceptional reality and release the preconceived, self-limiting concepts of our past. We are lead beyond materialism and into the eternal state of divine purpose. Let this synergistic mist help you gain access to your sub consciousness and supreme personal self-awareness. Grant these oils permission to inspire you to unlock the mysteries of the universe and allow your soul to awaken.

    Theme: The Crown Chakra is governed by Divine Wisdom, Interconnectedness, and Bliss

    Crystals: Opal, Amethyst

    Affirmation: “I AM ONE WITH DIVINE ENERGY”

    Spray on appropriate chakra and around the body or chosen space. May be used during yoga, mediation, spiritual practice, and energy work. Perfect for healing, tuning, and balancing the chakras. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not ingest. Not intended for use on animals.


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    Pure essential oils of Frankincense, Benzoin and Sandalwood, Crystal infused distilled water, an all natural coconut emulsifier and an Amethyst gemstone.

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