• Aura Cleansing Mist

    The aura is our electromagnetic energy field which surrounds our bodies. It extends beyond our physical bodies and is composed of the vibrational frequency our thoughts and emotions create. As well as reflecting our internal compositions, it also emulates the energy that is projected by others and perceived through our environments. Cleansing the aura can free us from unwanted energies that have been generated by the self or by others. Often negative energies cling to certain energy centers or chakras and pollute the body with psychic debris.  Such stagnant energy can result in physical and mental illness, as well as stress, depression, and fatigue. Essential oils are catalysts which help dispel these energies from the body and can assist in regenerating a positive and radiant auric field. Essential oils may also act as a protective shield, creating a barrier through which negative energy cannot penetrate.

    Spray liberally around the body to cleanse, purify, and seal the Auric Field. Imagine unwanted  emotions, thought patterns, and frequencies being  released from your energetic body. May be used at the beginning and end of each day, before and after entering public places, or antime negative feelings are experienced. Use your intuition and let your heart be your guide. Avoid direct contact with eyes, and do not ingest. Not intended for use on animals.

    Crystal infused distilled water, pure essential oils of Juniper, Rosewood, Frankincense, Rose,  Cypress, Bergamot, Lavender, all natural coconut emulsifier and a Quartz crystal.
    Made with care, blessed with love!

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